Escaping Portland! The busy Terminal (Part 2)

Once me and my mom had passed through security we were presented with a very crowded airport terminal in concourse C. After we had lunch we walked up and down the concourse with our camera and found airplanes to take pictures of to pass the time waiting for our flight.

I first went to an empty gate at the end of the concourse next to a busy taxiway to get some pictures of arriving aircraft. Sorry about the reflections in some of the photos.

The first airplane I got was an American Airlines A321 from DFW.

The next airplane was an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 from LAX.

I then followed the airplane to its gate and got another picture there.

After that as I was walking down the concourse I saw an American Airlines A320 going to Phoenix, the airplane intrigued me so I went up to the gate and got a photo.

Then I went over to the other side of the concourse. I didn’t stay there for long because it was really crowded and I didn’t want to get in the way. I found a recently emptied gate and got a photo of a cool Volaris A320NEO going to Guadaljara Mexico. (Does anyone know what this livery is about?)

I also got a neat picture of a Alaska 737-900 that was delayed for about 2 hours to Denver.

We were then sitting at a table I was looking out a nearby window and saw something and then asked for the camera and went back to my spot at the empty gate and I got a picture just in time as the plane was lifting off the ground!

20 minutes later we were boarding on our flight to Bozeman on the Montana Bobcats Q400 an airplane that I’ve wanted to fly on for over 10 years.

  • American Airlines A321
  • Alaska 737 Max 9 taxiway
  • Alaska 737 Max 9 gate
  • American Airlines A320
  • Volaris A320NEO
  • Alaska Airlines 737-900
  • Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8f
  • Bobcats Q400 (Front)
  • Bobcats Q400 (Mid)
  • Bobcats Q400 (Aft)

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Thank you for looking at my pictures and have a wonderful day or night!


I really like that Max 9. Awesome photos!

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The Max 9 was pretty popular amongst the avgeeks in the terminal.

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I can imagine. 😂 Hopefully it will visit SAT sometime soon.

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Portland traffic > Seattle traffic anyday!

Great shots!

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“Quinceañera” is the girl celebrating her 15th birthday or Fiesta de quince años in the Hispanic tradition.

This livery seems to be commemorating Volaris’ 15 years of service. More about it:


That’s really interesting! Thank you for the info!

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I’ve always wanted to go plane spotting in North America. The UK is awesome but I love all of the airlines in America. Amazing shots btw, hope you had fun.

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Thank you for your kind words! It was a lot of fun! I hope you get to go spotting in North America I’m rooting for you!

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My parents think I’m crazy, I would go to America just to go plane spotting there 😆

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