Escaping from Portland! The spotting post! [Part 1]

I was on my way home from Portland with my mom and we arrived at the airport an hour before bag check was open for our flight. As we finished eating breakfast I suggested that we head up to the parking garage for so plane spotting my mom was immediately onboard with the idea because the only other option was waiting in the check in hall with 10,000+ people.

Once we had gotten up there we headed to the south side the parking garage which overlooks runway 28R/10L and there waiting for us on the FBO was a giant C-17 which landed earlier that morning from Klamath Falls.

After that a Delta 737-900 taxied past going to Salt Lake City.

The third airplane I saw was the one of the daily Delta 767-400! It was enormous! This one was coming from Atlanta.

The next departure was a SWA 737-700 going to Sacramento.

Another Southwest 737-700 departing to Phoenix with a beautiful ship known as the American Express sailing up the Columbia River to Astoria Oregon.
Continuing with Southwest we have a SWA 737 8 Max taxing to the gate from Las Vegas. This is the first time I’ve seen a Max in person since the grounding.

The last Southwest I spotted was a Canyon Blue 737-800 from Chicago Midway. @Luke_Sta

The third Delta Airplane I saw was a 737-800 from Detroit.

Then I saw a Frontier A320NEO Joey the Opossum headed to Las Vegas.

The last airplane I saw before heading back into the terminal was a United Airlines A320 taxing out for a departure to San Francisco.

What was your favorite airplane in my spotting post today?

  • C-17
  • Delta 737-900
  • Delta 767-400
  • Southwest 737-700 1
  • Southwest 737-700 2
  • Southwest 737 8 Max
  • Southwest 737-800 Canyon Blue
  • Delta 737-800
  • Frontier A320
  • United A320

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Thank you for looking at my pictures and stay tuned for part 2 of pictures from inside the terminal. Thank you and have a great day or night!


Beautiful pictures nice to see your leaving Portland That City is going crazy

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Thank you! I’m really happy I got out of Portland it also gives me a chance to get away from my dad who is a crazy person.

Sorry to hear that you should come down to Texas

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