Escaping from Hawaii

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4.5hr flight
PHNL-KOAK from a couple of days ago… - I climbed around a hurricane…can’t wait to get clouds!


Why would you want to leave Hawaii? 😂 Great shots!

Great shots ! The above mountain was just amazing

Nice shots! The last one is definitely my favorite. The close up with a “hazy” background looks cool.

Possibly escaping the hurricane heading to Hawaii?

How bumpy was the hurricane ride?

Escaped in the nick-of-time. LOL Love the last photo.

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Not bumpy at all. I was surprised. Just went around it from the south…

Nice pictures 👏🏼

Am I the only one that rounds up to SFO I never go to Oakland

Wow, I really liked the pictures. However, in the 4th picture, you were taking off while the other plane didn’t exit the runway yet?

I started to roll once DL plane declared “clear of all runways” and I visually checked.

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That last pic upclose of the nose looks cool!