Escape to the Caribbean @ EGCC - 281200ZAPR18

Credit goes to There is no ‘owner’ shown however.

Server: Training

Airport: EGCC (Manchester)

Time: 1200Z April 28

Timezone Converter:

About The Event
We will take off from Manchester (EGCC) at 1200Z. Please spawn at least between 5-10 minutes before this time to allow preparations. The recommended aircraft is the TUI Boeing 787-9, however, you can come in other aircraft. We then aim to fly from EGCC to MMUN (Cancún, Mexico). We should arrive in around 10 hours and 39 minutes.

Important Information & Route
You can copy the route from me. We recommend you fly at 36,000-40,000ft at Mach 0.85. We also recommend having 67,382 kgs of fuel which should last for around 11 hours and 54 minutes. (Boeing 787-900!) We will not allocate gates but please pick a gate that fits your aircraft.

Join Form:
If you do wish to join, please provide me with this information below;
Aircraft and airline.
We are also looking for ATC in both Cancún and Manchester.

I hope you join and if you have any questions, please do not be afraid to ask below. See you there! This is also a replacement for my “Let’s try to fill EGLL!”.

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Might want to move this to #live:events 😉

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That moment the op uses a Maho Beach Photo But the route is to Cancún… 🙄


If you are going to fly with the 787 then i’ll have to say that it cruises at M0.85 and not M0.82 but do as you please :)
I know you want everyone to cruise at the same speed so that everyone arrives at the same time but different aircraft flies at different speeds.
You should all be arriving approximately at the same time either way.

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I will glady take Tower and Ground for both Cancun and Manchester!

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I’m well aware of this, but it’s hard to find a perfect picture. :)

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Thanks! See you there!

a cool idea for atc would be clear every one for takeoff taxi etc in manchester then then wait a bit then takeoff in dublin and join the group and land in miami wait a bit then atc cancun

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@ollywhxte I’ll be there!
Gate: closer to the date
Callsign: BAW 019 Heavy
AIrcraft: British Airways B789
Looking forward to the event!

Great! Thanks so much! Pick any gate thats appropriate. :) See you there!

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No problems, I’ll be sure to pick a gate.

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Alrighty everyone! Time to load in at EGCC NOW.

Awesome! 10 minutes into my flight and everything seems good! See you guys in CanCun!

It’s tomorrow at 1200Z?

Ok. NOW you can start coming to EGCC.

still an hour away.

I’m going to either re-schedule or cancel sorry because there is literally one person.

I’m here at EGCC. Come down now. @ollywhxte

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