Esaacc999’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC training tracking thread! I’m hoping to become an IFATC and could use some training and operations in the coming weeks. If your free, come on out to fly out or even just fly some patterns. If your free and I’m not open yet, please comment below and I will try to open up as soon as possible.


Where: TBD

Days Open: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

Times: Mon:2030z; Thurs:2130z; Fri:1000z; Sat:TBD; Sun:TBD
I will make a comment every time I am about to open with the time I will be opening and when I will be closing. These times are just estimates.

Time open: 30mins-1hr (depending on the day)

Services open: Tower and Ground


Departing Runways: 36R/18L and 35L/17R

Arrival Runways: 36L/18R and 35R/17L

Pattern Runway: 36R/18L

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Make sure to set this topic to Watching so you know every time I’m open!


Hey guys! I’m about to open @DFW! Changing the time up a bit today because I’m free earlier than I thought. Will open around 2230z and I’ll be open for about 45mins-1hr. Hope to see you there!

The time would be 22:30z if you’re opening in a few minutes 🙂

Oh ya my bad lol I’ll Edit that

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Thanks to all who came today! Gonna work a bit on my pattern instructions/clearances and hopefully I’ll do better next time 😊

Opening up again at 2200z! Hope to see you there!

Closed for now, but might open again in a couple hours

Open again for a bit

Closed for the rest of the night

OPEN! Come on by if ya can

Closed for now, will probably open up later today

OPEN @EDDT come by for some patterns if your free!

On my way!

I’ll be there in a few!

Great controlling! I was HB-NRW in the B737BBJ, and I must say that that was an outstanding session. Everything was perfect on my end. Well done!

Thank you! And thanks for coming!

Gonna open up at KLCK right now!

Come by for some patterns!

Not sure what airport are you opening?

KLCK @LeonardIF18