Erukumon's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to @Erukumon ATC Tracking Thread!


Airport :N/A

Frequencies :Ground & Tower

Status :Closed

Server :Training


  • When departing, unless you are flying patterns, please ensure you file your flight plan before contacting Air Traffic Control (ATC).
  • Your feedback is invaluable and greatly contributes to my progress. Feel free to send me a private message or post it below.

Local pattern work do not need to file a flight plan

Yes, I stated that in the sentence prior.

Handling the traffic at EGLL was quite a challenge, but I appreciate your patience. I’ll probably open up at a calmer airport next time as many flyers were not following instructions causing a lot of delays. Let me know if you want to be pinned, thanks!

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Ping me when you’re next open, I’ll try and make it!

Now open at KLAX! @PaintDiamond

How long do you think you’ll be open?

I might tag along and give you some traffic to vector about. Ping me and tell me which airport and I’ll be happy to help if I have time

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Don’t worry if you can’t make it, I’ll open later at KBUR for some serious practice. These bigger airports slowly get more hectic whenever I open.

Sounds good!

Will you open now because I’m free if you’d like some traffic

Sure, I’ll open at KBUR now.

i’ll take app dep when your up

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Open at KBUR @PaintDiamond @Charles_Wormley @AviatorVJ

Hi there!

Feedback from Flight Check 110:

  • Departures should get their frequency change or radar handoff as soon as they are a bit past the threshold, or crossing 1000’. I had to request for it since you did not issue it.

  • When I requested runway change to 15, you gave me a clearance to land for RWY15 without giving me a pattern instruction for that runway. Always remember to give a pattern entry when an aircraft requests for a runway change and then only clear them to land.

  • Transition was too low, we use 2500’ + elevation, rounding up. In this case it was 3000’

That is all from my side. You may tag me in the next sessions and I will join if I am free :)




Thank you for dropping in, I appreciate it!

I’ve noted the feedback and will make sure to keep them in mind for next time. Definitely still need some work with runway changes and transitions for sure. Hope to see you again :)


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Hello there!
Feedback P4-INT
Transition ⚠️ had to request twice but great altitude! 3500 is perfect for KBUR
Pattern Entry ✅
Clearance ⚠️ I recommend sending a clearance on the crosswind turn on normal patterns, and on GAs, ASAP. Also on my first clearance I did not receive a traffic direction. The clearance off the GA didn’t come until 30 ft, was seeing if you’d realise it.
GA ⚠️ I do NOT recommend giving left traffic off of runway 15, it gets you wayyy too close to the mountains

Can’t wait to see you improve!

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I hopped on for 5 mins but hopped off for a lack of traffic, here’s your feedback

  1. Aircraft should always contact approach when they climb above 5000, they should not be on tower.
  2. I will deal with arriving aircraft and hand them to you when i’m ready, don’t ong them.
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Be sure to tag me if you need more traffic!!

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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely should have been more aware of the terrain situation around runway 15, appreciate the insight. I will keep all these points in mind for next time. Hope to see you again!

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