Errors with the AutoPilot

Hello again
I tell you , when I am in parking, to adjust the parameters of the autopilot , so good , but the problem comes when active , as being out of step and change values
Moreover I appreciated that if I change to map or efectuo some action mode , you can pass the values ​​of the pilot change
One last thing , as many alleged errors , at least on my phone, I do not understand , if the same faults present in all cell phones , because they put it , when it is completely impossible to make the most , since the maps are very small , climb up to a plane , it means get out of the map …

Could you please explain the problem in more detail so it will be easier to solve?

Sorry you are going to have to translate this to better English… I’ve read over it a few times but cannot understand what you are trying to ask?

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Hey I’m not sure what his second part is saying but for the first part I think he is saying.

He sets all the parameters for auto pilot but then once he activates them they change to the current settings. I’ve seen this happen to me but I figured it was user error.

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I see. It’s simply a fail-safe.

Whilst on the ground, I simply set my desired final cruise altitude.

After takeoff, gear up, flaps retracted, turn close to desired heading, then activate autopilot. The app automatically moves the speed, rate of climb and heading to what you are presently at. Then I make the slight few degrees adjustment to my heading, and my rate of climb etc.

It does this so the aircraft doesn’t veer off and dive off course of an incorrect parameter was set.


The AP can’t be set and activated when at parking. It has to be done after take off.

Its a spanish english,its very clear,

WHen I activate,por example,if i put 280 hdg,i activate, and ,inmediatetly change other number

I dont undestand

Exactly,sorry if you didnt undestand me,google translate would be better

This is not a problem… You can’t put numbers in before activating autopilot, it clears the numbers to current numbers the game creates for it :)

In real world ,autopilot is preconfigurated before taking off

It’s just a quirk of how the AP works for now. :)