Errors with liveries

Hey everyone!

I noticed a few aircraft have minor livery errors, this got me wondering if the IFS Dev team is open to correcting these errors…?

For example:-

  • IndiGo A320, the dark blue is far too light, it should technically be “indigo” and not royal blue. It genuinely looks bad, and was wondering if it could be corrected?
  • The Air-India 777-200LR, the red portion of the livery just in front of the tail, should ideally taper to a point on the top. But it’s rounded off.
  • The Gulf Air A321, the blue and gold is so heavily pixelated as it gets closer to the roof, it spoils an otherwise amazing livery
  • SpiceJet 737-900, just like the IndiGo, the red used for SpiceJet is so bright, needs to be toned down a bit.
  • Emirates A350-900, it’s the wrong livery. All the A350’s have the new livery. I’m assuming they rushed out the livery when the A350-900 was added to the game. Any chance this will be rectified…?

Many of the issues you brought up are due to:

  • The current graphic engine not rendering colors right on certain aircraft. If you check the model on Flightradar24, which is provided by IF, you’ll see the colors are actually right. We’ll have to wait for the new graphic engine.

  • The model being so old that the artist can’t paint on the top of the aircraft. This is mostly on A320 and B737 family.

As for the Emirates A350, nothing is being “rushed out” as we don’t have any reference material for that livery back then. The dev just made the liveries based on how they look on other aircraft.


Not exactly sure how the devs were supposed to have any references for a livery that wouldn’t be released until almost 4 years after the A350 was added in IF either.


Thanks, makes sense regarding the rendering. I faced a similar issue with exporting my models to Auran Trainz 2012 and 2019.

PS: an Emirates livery that wasn’t in existence in real life, but still added to the game is technically rushing it out. They could have waited, but chose not to and release it. And now it’s wrong. The new livery has been out now for quite a few months, and it hasn’t been updated in the game.

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Exactly why I feel the jumped the gun. Hence my choice for the word “rush”

“Rushed” still is the wrong word here. :)

This was stated earlier in terms of updating already existing liveries:

You could always vote for it here:


There is no “technically rushing it out”, the devs simply modelled an A359 livery that reflected how UAE planes looked at the time.