Error With Purchase

Hi This Happened before but i have followed the steps from last time which were restart the app and login and log out.

So i brought a sub and it hasn’t linked to my main account which is - Callsign NSV212 and Display name- NSV IFC OC212

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Hey there!

So you bought a sub on the wrong account? @schyllberg should be able to help by transferring your subscription to the correct account :)

Nope i didn’t buy it on the wrong account it is a error that i experienced before. I only have one account

It has made a new account for you. You just need to contact @schyllberg and he’ll help you out.


What is the callsign and display name for your primary account?

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It’s been transferred now. Just make sure to restart the app and you’ll be good to go!

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Thanks! Can now join the NSV Event :)

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