Error with landings being logged in Live Server (Training Server)

Hello! I have recently gotten back into Infinite Flight after a multi-year long hiatus.

I was just doing a flight in the training server from KDFW to KCHA. After landing at KCHA, I taxied to a gate, turned off the engines and lights, and then ended the flight. However, the landing was not logged. I had three valid landings before the flight, and had three valid landings after the flight ended.

Is it possible that I did something wrong?

For reference purposes, I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, running iOS 16 software.

Hello, please be sure that these landings were first conducted in the live environment. If so, what is your callsign?

Please also be sure that your landing(s) meets the following criteria:

Things happen from time to time so please be patient :)

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The landing in question was conducted in the live environment. I was on the training server for the flight. As for my callsign, I change it to correspond with the livery I’m using. For this particular flight, I was flying a US Airways E175. My callsign was Cactus 4139.

Thanks for the article regarding Landing Criteria!

What is your current callsign?

Delta 847. I’m roughly 75 NM out of JFK in a 757.

Edit: I’m on the training server

Okay, I just finished a flight from KATL to KJFK. The landing logged successfully. The only thing I did different is that I turned off the APU before ending the flight.

Could that make a difference?

The APU has nothing to do with the landing count.

You turn off the APU after pushback and engine start.

Then start your APU after you land.

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