Error with KSRQ

KSRQ is my home airport, and i’ve noticed a few problems with the GA parking directly south of runway 22. currently there are 2 parking spaces called FBO Rectrix 1 & 2. The FBO recently rebranded to Atlantic Aviation, so “rectrix” doesn’t exist at KSRQ anymore. furthermore, there are far more parking spaces available then in game. they aren’t painted, but airport staff makes pilots park in a certain way. i attached an image of the unmarked parking spaces in red and the general path aircraft take as a taxi path in yellow. i hope this makes sense and it will be resolved soon. thank you guys!


Hello Chase,

KSRQ hasn’t been updated or edited to become a 3D airport yet. It is the goal of Infinite Flight to have all airports in the world eventually 3D. Once KSRQ is chosen by an editor to be worked on (editors are free to chose any airport of their choice), then more than likely the spawn locations and naming will be updated at KSRQ.

Thanks for your patience and for bringing this to attention. Have a good day!

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For clarification- airports can only be updated if they also become 3D?

Not exactly.

If an airport has an awful 2D layout or is severely outdated, an editor can edit just that.

Or some airports that have those wonky lines going across the field.

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That’s not necessarily true. Editors are welcome to do 2D only updates of airports as well, but the majority of the time editors decide to make the airport 3D at the same time.


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