Error with KATL

Since KATL came out in 3D in 22.1 I’ve flown about 5 or 6 times but on approach the game closes, however when I take off from KATL it doesn’t happen.

This error doesn’t happen to me in any other 3D airport and it’s a bit frustrating because I still can’t make my landing in KATL ;(

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What are your graphics settings, device, and what version of Infinite Flight are you on?

My device is an iPad Air 3rd generation, I’m on 22.2 and my settings are all on high with anti aliasing on and aircraft count on high.

Update your app. The latest version is 22.02. Let me know if the issue persists after that.

Sorry I meant to put 22.2

Try turning off anti-aliasing, that can contribute to game crashes.

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I’d also recommend anti-aliasing off as another user mentioned. You may want to turn rendering resolution and/or 3-D object count to medium as well. I also have an iPad Air 3 and have noticed occasional crashes at large 3-D fields with my settings all on high, likely because the device isn’t quite brand new anymore.

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I’m going to make a flight with your advice to KATL and I tell you, thanks in advance :)

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How did it go?

I lowered the number of 3D objects and deactivated anti-aliasing and the game closed when I landed, I was informing myself and KATL is one of the airports that has the most 3D objects, that’s why it only happens to me in this airport.

How much storage do you have available on your iPad? I think you need at least 5-10 GB free for the game to be able to render lots of objects.

About 40GB and I cleared the cache before the flight to see if it fixes anything but it doesn’t seem to

Well the only other thing I can think of is deleting and then re-installing the game. Make sure to save any replays you need before deleting. Maybe someone who is a bit more tech-savvy than I am can help out here if the problem persists.

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I will follow your advice and if the problem persists I will contact technical support to see if there is any solution, thanks for everything 😀

No worries, happy to help. Let me know what happens.

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