Error when updating my Call sign

Error updating call sign keeps coming up. How to update it?

Try again I just updated mine and I’ve been having trouble for weeks.

I also had this problem. After a few hours and a restart, it worked again. Weird…

I guess this has been known for a while. Don’t know if there is a solution other than to quit and reopen the app

Close IF and reopen it, it always works for me.


Close it and reopens happens to me all the time

Thanks, I did it and it worked.

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Once you press play and load up to wherever you start, you can change it then.

Thanks for your reply.

When it glitches for me as well something that I do instead of closing the app and re-opening it is starting the flight. Then go into the menu option from there and change it. Seem to have no problems doing it that way!

Me too hahaha