Error when trying to vote a feature

I am never able to vote for features. When I press limit, it always says error. This has been happening to me for years.image

Hello, I think you need to be Trust Level 1 to vote a feature for the first time. :)

If you have used up all your votes than you are unable to vote. You will need to remove a vote from something you have voted for in order to vote for something new.


There is a certain limit to the number of votes you have, when you reach the limit the word “vote” will become “limit” and when you press it, this will pop up.If you want to vote for a certain feature, you will have to remove one from another and then vote.

You are Trust Level 0, like what @Alex_Kraz said. If you are TL0, you are not given any votes. Once you hit TL1 (Basic) you get 5, 10 when you get to TL2 (Member) and 15 when you get to TL3 (Regular).


These topics will helping you :)

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How do I remove votes? I can’t remember what I voted for?

Head to your profile and tap activity and then tap on vote and there you have them.

You have not voted for anything as of yet as you do not have access to vote for anything yet due to being a new user on the forum.

As seen below though, once you engage a little bit with the community, you’ll be given access to vote and can submit your first vote :)


When I look at your profile it says you joined Jan 1 2019 🤔

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