Error when receiving sequencing instructions.

For that last 3 or 4 times I’ve been doing pattern work I get a bug when the controller contacts me with regards to sequencing. The message I receive is “sequencing…” which is the tab before the actual instruction is given in the ATC list if commands. This also happened a couple days ago with the go around instructions from the controller. Hopefully that makes sense. In short, I hear the ATC command “sequencing…” and even appears in the ATC text in orange but I have no response option.

Is this a known issue? Any ideas as to why I’ve been getting it? I don’t want to upset any expert controllers when I’m in their patterns.


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Please list your device details/IF version to help further solve your issue.

This is a known issue on TS1. TS2 does not have this issue.

Known bug on TS1 fly TS2 or expert.


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