Error when applying for IFATC

Hey guys, I recently tried to apply for IFATC and after hitting the submit button, it showed me some error text. It looked like this, some of the personal details have been hidden.

Invalid query!!! populate_recruit update tbl_recruit set name = ‘Crcoli737’ ,operations = 2927 ,user_id = ‘HIDDEN-608aa94fe80f’ ,grade = ‘4’ ,violations = 92 ,landings = 457 – ,ratio = 0.20131291028446 ,hash = ‘HIDDEN’ ,org = ‘North American Pilot’s Club [NAPC]’ ,stats_date = UTC_TIMESTAMP() where trim(ifc) = ‘Crcoli737’

Any ideas?

Hi, try again, it could be a one-off issue. If it persists, contact @Chris_S.

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I tried 5 times. Here in a little bit im going to try on PC.

I did contact Tyler about the issue. Hopefully it gets resolved.

I’ve tried the following to resolve the issue.

  1. Tried on different device
  2. Tried different browser
  3. Restarted device
  4. Tried on cellular instead of WiFi

Same result.

Hey there,

Happy to see more and more apply into IFATC! I’ve been reviewing the error text and it seems that the information that was provided may have been invalid. Can you double check the input values and make sure that you have checked the reCaptcha and the Terms/Conditions at the bottom?

Hope this helps, if not, DM me and we can continue to troubleshoot.




The application arrived on the website and is visible to the recruiters and everyone else who has access to it so once a recruiter is able to pick you up they will send you a message to start the recruiting process.

Best of luck for the process and we hope to see you in IFATC soon!


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Ok! Amazing! (Check and make sure I didn’t apply several times please. I may have if each application arrived because I figured with the error I got it didn’t send.)

@Drxw disregard.

Yes, looks like your application went through multiple times. Tyler can just discard the other ones.

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Ok. Don’t ban me from IFATC please 😬

No, you’re good. Good luck during the recruitment process!


Also could you dm me my recruit code as I didn’t receive an email with my code.

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Once Tyler or a moderator verifies you, any recruiter is free to take you. You’ll receive a PM on here, which will intel your code & other important information.


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