Error Subs buy new

The problem is say on tittle
My Subs Error how i can fix it ?

So, you have a Subscription… correct?

and it says error

yes I have it, but the time is up my subscription does not know if the balance is lacking. so want to buy again but an error

Does it say error where the prices are supposed to be?

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Do you have in app purchases enabled?

Where i can find that on Android?

Im not sure. Im dont have android so I have no idea. Try going to the settings on the device

Try to Restart the app, if that doesn’t work you should delete it and re-downloaded the app (this will delete your replays, and you will have to log back in).

Also, check your credit/balance

You will have to check if you have the version of Infinite Flight up to date with the latest.


Are you signed into Your Google Play account? If yes, try buying the product from the Infinite Flight app from the Goggle playstore (If that’s possible)

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Solved guys

Another factor is Network and Condition.

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