Error on IF servers

so im trying to play IF but it just says the main page that shows infinite flight and it says theres a error on the IF servers. anybody else experiencing this?

yes this has been happening for a while, staff is aware. Try refreshing the app and then try again. Usually does the trick :) . If not restart your device.

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it now says: “there was a error on the infinite flight servers. try again shortly. (error code 8)”

i restarted and now it works thx

but why cant i fly in training server it says im not allowed to

i was grade 2 but it randomly took me to grade 1

Hey @DOESBUTTER! Here are 2 of reasons as to why your grade has changed. read below and reach back out if you have any further questions/comments.

20.3 Update Grade Table Update:

Have you flown any flights since the 20.3 update?

In 20.3, Infinite Flight changed how it processed user stats on the live servers. As part of this, developers noticed an old bug (previously undetected) where solo stats were tracked as part of the Total Flight Time and Total Violations figure in the Grade Table.

To simplify how data is stored and processed, and in the interest of being fair to every Infinite Flight player, Infinite Flight has made the difficult decision to exclude any past Solo Stats from user Grade Tables. This won’t affect every user but it may cause a small handful of users to move down a grade.

Read More Here:

Level 1 Violations:

If you’ve been flying since the 20.3 update, please send a picture of your grade table + your violation history table. You might’ve received a few Level 1 violations for whatever reason.

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