error on expert server?

so I just tookoff and I am flying to London. and I am on the expert server and I looked at another plane and it said their takeoff time was 00:00UTC but with it being 02:30 approx where I am at I do not think the take off time is right. Has anyone else notice this?

Do you know what UTC time is? ;)

It’s 0630UTC now.

Yes I do know what it is but my screen says takeoff time is 00:00 UTC. and Btw is it 4 or 5 hrs ahead of EDT right now?

Maybe he took off from some other place? It starts at when the session began.

his origin says YPPH which i know it is sometime in the afternoon there

Well, i doubt there’s any error. Without knowing the exact flight details and route for that aircraft it’s pointless in speculating about it.

I’ve never seen it be wrong before.

the only thing I can think of is id he deleted his previous flight plan and I thought I saw the same scenario before on expert. when I fly thursday night i will PM you if I see the problem.

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@TylerShah - Seems like it’s a real deal. Everyone is on 00:00UTC regardless. Thanks for reporting it. I’ll bring this up with the!