Error on 64bit devices, does not open Infinite flight

Hello, in update 21.1, with 3d, many devices, even with android 64bitis, is not managing to run infinite flight, with the arrival of update 21.2, is it possible that this error is corrected?

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The support requirements are now reduced to 32 gb on Android. That’s why it doesn’t open, unfortunately.

You can still enjoy 20.3 :)


The unfortunate situation here for many of these devices is that whilst the hardware itself supports 64 bit instruction set, the operating system on this device has been limited to 32 bit.

This isn’t something that can be fixed by infinite flight, and due to the increasing requirements and the limits of 32 bit, support for it has been dropped.

On some devices, you may be able to flash a custom kernel and rom and have a 64 bit OS, but there are no guarantees this will work as it relies heavily on the manufacturer making the device tree and kernel public. Samsung as an example has not done this.

If you are experiencing performance issues such as lag or crashes, this may simply be due to your device not being very powerful, or your settings being too high. In this case, we’d advise you make a #support topic with the necessary information so we can assist you better.

Hope this explains it a bit.


This has nothing to do with storage.

@ADINAILDO_SANTOS, would you mind to give us some more information about your device? Model, manufacturer, OS version etc? As @Kirito_77 mentioned if it’s a 32 bit device then it’s pretty much game over, but you mention it’s on a 64 bit android version, would you care to elaborate on where you see that/how you know that? If that is true then best I can figure it is some sort of error.

hello, I use bluestacks 4.280, android 64bits, however the game until installation, but when we enter the infinite flight, and we choose an aronve, the game closes. what could be happening?

Well first off, Bluestacks isn’t officially supported by infinite flight. You won’t receive much support for using an emulator. Infinite Flight is designed to run on mobile devices.

Secondly, Bluestacks 4 has been having some significant issues recently, if you are planning to keep using an emulator, the Bluestacks 5 beta has been much better.


OK. inclusive, the official version of bluestacks 5 has already been released, however I have not yet tested whether the infinte flight version 21.1 is working. do you know any information if it is working?

I’m afraid I do not. I don’t use Bluestacks. You’ll have to try and see for yourself

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