Error ocurred while downloading navigation database

Hello fellow pilots.I recently open Infinite flight on my iPad to see a downloading a navigation database page.It was normal at that point, Wifi good,IOS up to date and then it popped up a page saying error downloading navigation database,I closed the app,restarted the iPad,changed the internet, but same thing happened over and over again.Help would be very appreciated.

Hi there! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. We’ll work you through this. I see that you’ve tried some of our troubleshooting tips already. Could you do the following in exact order for us?

  • Close Infinite Flight (make sure it ain’t running in the background after closing)

  • Power down your device (don’t restart, turn it all the way off)

  • Reset your router and wait for it to re-establish WiFi again.

  • Reboot your device and relaunch Infinite Flight

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I will try that thanks.

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