Error message every time I try to change my display name

Hi I am unable to change my display name anything I try to put it I get an error message saying the name is invalid. Can anyone help?

The more information the better. Device? What are you trying to change it to? Latest version? What does the error message say?


Using an iPhone SE. Everything is up to date app and iOS software. I’ve tried capitals no capitals, spaces no spaces etc. I just want something that now fits in with being in BAVA. I was reading an article not so long ago about people having problems after paying for subs. I renewed my live about 3 weeks back. Message says invalid display name please choose a different one

Maybe somebody else has the same display name?

I had this happened many times on my iPad 2. When I went to change my callsign or display name, I sometimes receive an error message. Try restarting your device and it might work. Restarting works for me.

I’ve been unable to change it for about a week. There’s no danger anyone else will have the same display name. More chance of winning the lottery

Can you post a screenshot of the error message in context, please?


It might has something to do with your wifi.

Perhaps your display name is too long. Try entering a shorter name and see if it works

Those who report this issue usually have one of these issues 😉

  • Too long (9 Characters limit for Callsigns. And 12 Characters limit for Display Name)
  • Contains a word that is banned by FDS
  • Like Cockatoo as an example. As the word Cock is banned to avoid an innapproriate use of the name
  • Using Underscores or (.) or other marks
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Perhaps because the name is Jamie Akass?


That might be one of the possibilities. But let’s see his screenshot first to confirm 😊


Well I sort of tried reinstalling to see if it was a bug but my bank is without funds and apple wont let me redownload without valid payment info. Bare with me and keep this thread open for a few days I work some pretty solid hours the idea of my surname being invalid I’d say could be the most pl


Thanks for everyone’s reply thus far btw much appreciated

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Yeah probably was an issue with the akass part of my name. All sorted can now close this topic cheers guys