Error Message 'Account is being used on another device.'

I don’t know what happened here, I was flying crossing the Atlantic and all the sudden my throttles got cut and the message of my account being used on another device came up. I have no other device that I fly on and I use my google account for my live membership.


Same happened to me just a second. I only have one device with IF

Experiencing the same thing. Currently on an emergency descent to Yangon.

There are apparent server issues. Hang tight and be patient.

Exactly the same thing happened to me 2mins ago after flying for almost 8 hours. A bit disappointed right now… is there a chance to still get this flight logged and earn XP?

same happened to me, I crashed geeee

Same Hereford me I’m afraid of my account being hacked

Your XP and flight time are updated while you fly, so you will not lose it.

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Same here, I just crashed 3 miles from the airport after a 2 hour flight😞

I got the same whilst controlling at OMDB…

Same happened to me. 4 hours into my group flight from SFO to HNL. Crashed into the Pacific. Ugh

Everyone just log out until it you see a message that it has been fixed.

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No it’s not! I didn’t end the flight the proper way, it it’s at the point where I was yesterday

Got the same on approach to Hong Kong. Planned on doing stopover and refuelling before continuing to Addis Ababa but I’ll just have to spawn at the airport now.