Error Logging In

As you can see, I get this error while trying to login on the main Infinite Flight website. Not sure if it’s an error on Facebook’s end. image

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Mid-2014
Running macOS Sierra
Version: 10.12.1

Wow someone formatted a support topic correctly? Mind blown…


Also, in response to the error, have you tried on a new tab/browser?

It’s really not that hard to read instructions. lol. I have tried it in Safari and Google Chrome. No joy.

Restart your device?

If that didn’t work then idk. I’ll let the actual tech guys take over from here…

Already did. Shut down all other applications running too.

I’m sure this error is happening on the Facebook side, Try logging in to your Facebook account. If the problem occurs, then it will be the problem from the Facebook side 😉


I was having this error to tying to see my stats… figured it was a google problem, guess it’s just both platforms…

This reminds me of this… Hope it’s gonna be fixed soon! :)

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