Error Logging in on my phone

Hi there so can can anybody help me with logging in on my phone cause it’s fine on my computer but for some reason when I try log in on my phone this message keeps popping up.

“You can not sign in with that IP Address” in a light green box. I’m sure I never made a violation as I have only observed and read through this forum.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

First of all this belongs in #meta. Secondly right now are you on the account with your computer and your phone just doesn’t work, or are you on a whole different account?


Hello try a device restart.

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I’m using the same account for my iphone and my computer but on my iphone it says I can’t login with that IP address

Can you please try again?

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I have tried and tried and it still isn’t working

Can you close and relaunch and try again?

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As in safari or my phone

Omg it worked haha yes! I was able to successfully log in thank you so so much!!


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