Error Joining Live Server

Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: iOS 16.6.1

When starting a flight on a live server there is a red exclamation mark on live server while all others services are green check marks. No other planes load in and the ATC button is grayed out. I can fly my plane, but it’s like solo flight even though I’m in a live server. I have tried doing ATC as well and once I pick my frequencies, my maps won’t load the airport/air space either.

I have reload the app and tried on cellular and wi-fi and tried using a vpn to no avail. I was able to play the game just fine a week ago so don’t know what is different.

My game version is 23.2.1

Same with me, idk why we have to wait so long.

Some people in the community reported that error, I saw that maybe they will fix it for the next update.

Yes this is very big problem, hopefully it’s fixed soon

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