Error issue

For some reason when I browse through topics to see what the most recent ones are, I get this.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s simply really annoying to have to close the current tab and open a new tab in order to continue browsing the topics.

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Have you tried vertical correction?

I get this error somewhat frequently, and I’ve been able to reproduce it many times. The way I’ve been able to do so is by opening multiple topics, quickly grabbing the built-in discourse scroll bar, and scrolling all the way down. After like 7-10 or so times, I get that error to no avail.

Is it possible that you are scrolling through and reading many topics too quickly?


I had the same problem but I how to help you

‘I am from Montreal like you
What is the model of your iPad?

you click on the two squares after you add in bookmark. after you go to the home of your ipad. you will see it all alone. then you click

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