error in the map of Barcelona el prat airport

first of all, I do not know if the editing group knows there is a map problem or not
second search in the search engine if there was a duplicate and I really did not find it.

the map error is as follows

in the first image we can see that there is a parking out of place that should be aligned with the others I have put a real life image to see how it is

the second image is located in the southeastern part of the airport in that part a few years ago they were under construction so they have changed the size of the parking
As you can see now you can put a 777 in that parking

Thanks for reading and if I was wrong in something please write me

Thank you

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Hello the airport may be a bit outdated in terms of when it was last edited to help the editing team out please make sure you report your findings here so they can help fix the airport in the future :-)


ok I will thank you for the answer
the theme of can close

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Hi there. Please be aware that there are over 19,000 airports which the editing team has yet to touch. El Prat was edited over 2 years ago. Multiple changes take place across the world. It is almost impossible to keep up with every change. I personally just fixed approx 20 airports this weekend alone! There will always be opportunity for improvement as nothing stays the same forever. Thank you for your observation. It will be added to the ‘to do’ list.


Google Sat : 2016

Bing Sat : 2015

Which is correct ;)

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By the way the first parking spot is true. It should NOT be removed!