Error in LEMH

image Hey there everyone, when I flew to LEMH (Menorca) I have seen there are two runways instead of one. The runway 19L-1R in real world is a taxiway.


Thanks for letting us know. The airport editors will take note of this. Many airports also have this issue. I appreciate it :)


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Ok, thanks for answering, just look at the Google Maps’ photo

The likelihood is that this airport hasn’t been edited at all, or not for a very long time. Of course it’ll be on the IFAET’s list of airports to edit, however they don’t take requests as such. If you’d like to see it sooner rather than later, the best idea is to apply and have a go editing it yourself!

I did fly there the other week in real life and noticed the difference firsthand!


I will leave this here for same problems in the future:

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