Error in Gol livery on Boeing B737-700

Hello, I was playing the IF right now, and I noticed that the GOL (PR-GEE) livery on the Boeing B737-700 is different. Below you will see the image of the livery difference (both in the simulator and in real life)


I see contradicting images, which probably means that it was probably repainted at one point or another. I wouldn’t exactly classify this as an error.



It has the old livery.

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I probably think that the 737-700 livery was the old one and the other one was released for GOLmwhich I’m not shure was released in 2022 or 2021

In fact, both paintings are old, but in 2014 gol put orange engines in the old paint, then in 2015 came the new paint, but some stayed with this old paint, because soon they will leave the gol, especially the 737 700.

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