Error global

Hello there is a problem on the server?
I can not fly the airport does not appear.
And now it no longer enters the map.
I’m waiting.
It’s giving global error

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Are you on a stable internet connection?

If it is a problem with the network, try these:

Try restarting wifi
Try Using different network if possible
Try restarting the app
Try restarting router

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yes all ok

Are you able to spawn in?

Try turning Airplane more on for 30 seconds.

it was suddenly normal flying began to flash and change the plane sometimes from the front sometimes top view. Even so I flew when arriving at the airport the runway was not there.

Can you try clearing scenery cache?

Settings —> General —> Clear scenery cache

After doing so, does the airport appear?

ok I going try

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What device are you on?

On my PC but the phone also did the same

You are playing IF on your PC? Like with blue stacks?

Yes i am what made the post how to make it work 100%

Update us after you’ve tried clearing scenery cache.

If clearing scenery cache doesn’t work, then it is you playing on your pc that is the issue as it isn’t officially supported and there are some known issues. We can’t help you with that

He’s having a “global server” error. This has nothing to do with his PC.

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Ok thank you but do not say that the PC does not work. I’ve done enough testing and showed it to your people.
Yes and as I said I have problems with my phone too.

That can still be an issue with pc, there could be a network issue solely with his pc for example

It must be something here in my city then. thank you

The PC mirrors the Phone, Again, the PC has nothing to do with this. It’s the phone that’s having problems, not the PC.

It is probably your phone then. Sorry, I didn’t completely understand the issue

I’ve been experiencing this lately as well and has nothing do with my connection, nor my device. It goes off for 5 mins and then comes back on later.