Error, error, error

I had to reinstall the game because I was having too much trouble, the main one was that I never loaded, always said preparing flight, and I never went to calibrate the screen, if I did not close the application, from time to time I would enter, and when I entered, it left the middle of the flight, then I decided to uninstall the application, I have uninstalled it 3 times because I always see this.

I have a totally new Huawei y9 2019, with 3gb ram and more than 40 gb of storage left, my wifi is so good, with 65 mbps, Is stress I just want to uninstall the game, but I love it, but if I don’t have any solution I want my money again in my account. Please.

Seems like you’re having an issue with the in app download. Potential solutions include:
-Using Mobile Data instead of WIFI
-Checking your device doesn’t block in app download
-Try using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when attempting to download

Hope this helps


The same problem, and I try different VPN, good internet, and everything good with my phone, I try other games and the internet to download works great

Try reinstalling Infinite Flight

Can you try without a vpn? Has it ever worked with a vpn for you?

I did 3 times

Yes, it works before the update

This have been brought with the development team and it is being looked into! It’s a tricky one as it works for most people, but for some like yourself it’s just stuck.

We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience!

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