Error downloading package

Hi I have a problem, i have infinite flight on my ipad and on my iphone, but when i m click on download a play, there is an error: “error downloading package, check internet connection, available storage space and try again later”. I don t have this on my ipad. So i delete some app and pictures but i can t play to !


What iPhone do you have?
Have you tried to simply restart your device?

Iphone 7 ios 11 last version of infinite flight

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i tried a lot of time to restart.

Okay, thank you.

What is it that you are trying download? How much storage do you have left on your device?

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All of my plane is delete so i want to download again all of my plane.

Did this start happening after the update or was it from before?

before i also have this problem that s why i did the update

Okay, could you please try to remove Infinite Flight from your device and download + install it again?

The VPN is most likely the problem, try turning it off then trying.

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okay i m going to do this

not work :/ what can i do now.

Try what @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF suggested. Turn off the VPN.


nope :/ it a weird on my ipad i don t have this problem

Yeah, really weird. I’ll ask Staff and see if they have any ideas.

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i click on « restore purchase” before, is that the reason of the problem ?

No, Restore Purchases should work just fine.

You’ve done a restart of your device and a reinstall of Infinite Flight with the VPN off through the whole process?

i did this many times.I can’t do anything.

new message i m connected to the same WIFI on my ipad and on my iphone but i can’t play…