Error downloading aircrafts

I can’t download any plane! I already deleted and installed the game twice and still can’t download them

What device are you on?
What country are you in?
Are you on WIFI or Cellular?
Are you using a vpn?

iPhone Xr
Tried with both
No, I don’t use VPN

Are you running any background apps that could be detrimental to the performance of the sim?

Nope, I made a hard reset of my phone and still can’t download anything f

Had this half an hour ago, fine now

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Have you had this for very long? If not, try waiting it out and see if that makes a difference. Could be an issue with the streaming service and not your device.

One day waiting :(

Is your ISP all good? Have you been able to use other applications or not?

Yessss, is the only app that is having trouble

Ok, I just tried loading up the app on my device, and it’s working all fine. It could be an issue on your end or an issue with the service that provides the data to your device in your country. Is there anyone else from Mexico who could potentially attempt to recreate this?

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Thanks for trying mate😊

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I would suggest that you try enabling a VPN/proxy server. If I remember correctly, Javier is from Mexico and had to use a VPN to able to connect to the server(s).

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