"Error Downloading Aircraft"

The problem I have is my game won’t start. The app opens up just fine, and I get navigate all menu’s, but when I click “Fly”, the loading screen pops up for a couple seconds and then displays this message:

This has been going on for a while. I have plenty of storage on my phone (about 20 free GBs). Help!


That look’s a bit troublesome indeed.
Are you able to spawn with the C172 that is already bundled with the app and does not require any additional downloads?

Ok so after a while, the c172 did spawn, however when I tried again with airliners, the same message popped up.

And how is your actual network connection? Slow? Normal?

I’m sitting close my router. The connection is fast-ish.

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Then i’m as useless as a fly trying to work out with 50 KG weights. Sorry :(

@A_Plane_Guy Have you tried to restart Infinite Flight or in the worce case, reinstall it?

You may have good speeds, but doesn’t mean your provider isn’t having issues. Ideally tsry to load a youtube video, or test the speeds. If not optimal or is taking a long time for something to load, i’d suggest restarting your router, and to play on the safe side, just soft restart your device, holding the power button slide to turn off then turn it back on again. And maybe you don’t have unlimited download or what not on your router and it’s at it’s max, i don’t think that could be it but you never know

I’ve restarted the phone a couple of times and my router twice. I will try a soft reset.

I said restart IF not your phone

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, no dice.

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Oh, in that case. Sorry, I cant help no more. Have to hand this to the experts. Sorry ;(

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Have you tried watching a youtube video or something? And if so does it load fast or take forever?

A soft reset and a couple of restarts did the trick. Thanks for the help everyone.