Error displaying the votes and banned from IFC server

This incident happened several times to me, Not all polls displaying this error but some does (For me), I’ll give you a Poll example :

So when I clicked the “Show Results” button, The Poll can’t differentiate “Southern California” and “Amsterdam, Netherlands” choices before this error message appear

Then when I closed IFC tab and reopen the website, This message appear

I have to wait for several minutes to access IFC back


You may want to create a support topic on the Discourse website. :)


Don’t try to hack the votes


Happened to me too.
Even though I made the poll

(Thanks for checking out my poll)

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It doesn’t happen to your poll only, It happened to several polls too ;)

(No Problem :))

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Update from Discourse Meta ;)

Then just wait a few minutes. It’s not like you’re going to die if you can’t get on the forums for a few minutes. Go outside. 😉

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What’s “outside”?

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It’s where the planes actually fly!
Wheeeeeeeehhhh!! ✈️