hello guys so apparently I was having a flight from RJTT - KLAX and it sudden said error and it got disconnected do you guys know like does it happened most of the time? My wifi is fine my iPad is fine and it didn’t even give me some XP’s


Which iPad are you running the app on?

Also, what exactly was the error message that popped up? Did it give a code of some kind or say anything?

I was having just a regular flight from RJTT - KLAX and I got the iPad 8 and it is working very fine I let apple check it every month in Apple Support and it doesn’t have any issues at all

Nope it didn’t give any codes it just said Error and exits the app by itself.

What error code do you get?

There’s no Error Code its just a regular error then it exits the app

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Huh. That’s strange. It didn’t say “network error” or something?

Did the error come from Infinite Flight (did it have an orange button)?

Or did it come from the iPad (white box)?

It has the blue background and the dark blue box says error then in 2 secs I think it crashed.

I haven’t experience this before 😭

What’s your ipad type?

u mean iPad Model?

yes the ipad models.

its a iPad 8

Such behavior is rather unusual, as outlined above. I need to ask you, do you remember the exact wording of the error? It’s okay if you don’t, but any information you have for us would be beneficial to resolving the problem - “A regular error” doesn’t tell us much about what happened, unfortunately.

it doesn’t say any thing its just says error and there was a number but it didn’t say the code i forgot whats the number is

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the fact that my xp didn’t add up too

Understood! In that case, I suspect it was a network issue after all. As described here, the app can sometimes crash if there is a network issue. It may have been a one-time thing, rather than a regularly occurring problem, but if the same scenario repeats, try flying on mobile data (or from a hotspot from your phone, if you don’t have a SIM card) instead of WiFi and check if the issue reoccurs.

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