Error creating account (Facebook)

Hello everyone, This never happened before, Earlier today, I was playing Infinite Flight Live just fine, until when I went out and returned home to see that I was logged out. I tried to log back in only to get errors and a rather strange page which you will see. What should I do to fix this?

Subscription I have: Live+ (1 year)
iPhone 6S (32GB)
iOS 11 Beta 2
Version: 16.13.0 (Current Version)

Oh wait, apparently it fixed itself, as when I went back in the app, it restarted and all is fine.

I’m still having the issues. Restarted, deleted and downloaded version. No luck

I’m having this issue as well

Same thing happening here, deleted and redownloaded, signed in/out of facebook, cleared cache/cookies, etc. nothing seems to work.

Having the same issue here too

@Drew33950 @Luis_Kyle_Rodriguez @Bahram you all are using the iOS 11 beta, correct?

No, im using ios 8.1

What iOS device do you use?

Using the Air2, however i dont think this issue has to do with os version… More like an issue on facebooks end or something

This could very possibly be it. Updating your iOS to the newest stable version (10.x.xx) would be advisable. If you cannot for whatever reason, than, we’ll go from there