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Note: Other Error One topics were closed, and didn’t have the same scenario as I do.

I currently have an infinite flight subscription, and now my brother wants to get in on the fun too, with his own account subscription, etc. However, we are both linked under the same family account, and thus when he tries to open IF it automatically links to my account. When he tries to switch to his IF account, the error code 1 pops up. He is logging in with an IF community account, and this is all on IOS. If anyone is knowledgeable on this or has a solution, please let me know. Thanks!


Since you have bought Infinite Flight on a family plan, any version of infinite flight that you download on any device will be connected in a way. In order to unlink it, you will have to buy another plan using another paid account. Good question! I had to deal with the same issue a few years back. Best of luck in attempting to figure something out!


Thanks for the help, if this is what it has to be, than so be it.

However, is there any way to make it so IF doesn’t automatically sign in to my account when I download it? I know this sort of falls under what you just answered, but I was wondering if there was a loophole?

You mean like an IFC account?

If thats the case go to settings, and find your IFC name and then click unlink my account.

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Yeah so that’s the problem, i unlink mine and when I go to put his in, it shows me the error code

I dont know how to help you much farther than that, I’m sorry. Perhaps you will need to re download the apps from the app store.

What I would do is ask your fam to create a different account and have 2 separate accounts for 2 separate people. Cause it will only let one person play on an account at once. Let me know if this helps!

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Yeah this might be what it comes down to, thanks for the input!

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No problem

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