Error Code 8

Is anyone else experiencing this? Have tried restarting and switching wifi networks.

The most effective fix to this issue is a device restart.

Try a device restart and/or changing networks.

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Hi all, I’m still getting this issue when opening the app… tried restarting the app and device with no luck! Network is running fine in the household… any suggestions?

Error code 8 simply means IF is not able to communicate with the network. Rebooting is one thing but you may need to try changing wifi networks or toggle cellular or change networks to test. This is usually something that is not IF related but more device/network related. Has there been any changes to your network, etc? Even something as simple as firewall rules can have an impact.

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Thanks for the response… no changes to my network, and devices work ok… I let typing the “try again” tab when the error came up… tapped about 20 times and the app fired up

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