Error Code 8?

Hello devs

What’s the meaning of " Error Code 8 " ? The day before yesterday, I suffered " Error Code 7 ". But today is " Error Code 8 "…

l live in China, now only use VPN can play infinite flight. I wonder if this only exists in China ?

Can devs fix this ? Or there is no way ?

Try changing wifi networks, if at all possible

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I’ve tried. But it doesn’t work😭😭

Maybe reinstalling the app?

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Whenever you experience this, restart your device as that should solve the issue. Let me know if the issue is consistent afterwards

How to restart apple products:

How to restart androids:

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I’ll try, thanks

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OK, thanks~

I restarted my phone and change network, now it fixed. Thank you guys ! @Balloonchaser @dca.iad.aviation @Lawin_S

( Now this topic can close, thanks )


We’re keeping this open for now given that other users might be experiencing the same thing.