Error code 8

I’m constantly getting the same notification over and over… don’t know what’s going on. But I can’t get in one of the online servers.

I literally just got this as well
It works now tho

Known issue.

Change this topic to #support please, and it’s a known issue

Hello, read this please! Thanks

Due to the massive influx of players all piling onto the servers at the same time because if the update, I thibmthe servers are dying a bit 😂

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Gotcha! Thanks for the response, I’ll just delete this topic. Since y’all are working on it :)

Thanks for YOU response, we are making community better!)

Ok, thank you…I continue to get Error Code 8 after updated from Beta to 20.2.

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The developers are aware and are looking into it. A lot of people are hitting the servers so they are working on the issue. Just be patient.