Error code 8 upon opening app

im stuck here, i always get this bootloop whenever i open infinite flight. i was still able to fly the day before on the same phone but now i can’t anymore. any help?

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Hi! Have you verified your internet connection?

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If it doesn’t work, restart the app, or the device.

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Or likewise I suggest you turn off and on your internet modem. that could work too

yeah. luckily I have a second router, and it opened up there (only 5mbps which is uhhh idk, but pls consider that 20mbps, my main router speed, is considered fast here in my country and ik its expensive af)

i already did but still that

Uninstall and reinstall the app …

already did but still like that for my first modem, but for my second modem it works…

It is very rare that this happens, normally when you get a code 8 error it is due to the Wi-Fi network

i see, i will try to report the issue to my isp. i noticed aswell i had more than 150 ping and its too much (considering 20mbps is considered fast here in my country)

The second modem is a signal repeater?

no, a literal seperate router with its own ip address. i have two ip addresses in a single house because of that second router

I already understood, it is very rare that I experience that.

yeah i just experienced it yesterday aswell, last time on the main router i flug no problem but now i try to open app via main router and that always pops out. tho i expect to take ages for the flight to even load using the slower speed router

Have you tried to reset the device?

i can’t reset it as i have all my files there, with all my other backup drives full (cloud storage aswell is)

Because resetting the device would also help, but I suggest you change the device if you get power. because that’s just because of the internet, there is no other reason for the code 8 error.

dont have the money atm but i will in the future, when demand goes maximum (currently demand for a mobile change is low as I have another phone)

Sure! good luck with that! have a nice night! although I don’t think it has helped much.😅

dont worry it did :)) gonna fly now. cya