Error code 7

I’m trying to run the IF application from almost 1 hour but the error code 7 pops up whenever. I restarted my device too but with no effect.

Any ideas? ;)

Cheers !

Error Code 7 must mean that you’re having troubles connecting to the Infinite Flight servers. Have you checked that you have a stable internet connection?

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Yes, I have no problems with internet connection :)

Then it looks like your issue needs a little more to solve. Take a look at this reply from Seb and let us know if you’re still having any issues with connecting to the servers.


Unfortunately still the same after trying all the solutions mentioned above. I updated my iOS to 14.7.1. I’m using iPhone 11 Pro, wi-fi and cellular connections (Orange), Country: Poland.

At this point I think it’s up to Seb to help you. That’s really all I could offer for you. Sorry for that.


@LordWizrak Thanks for your willingness to help! :)

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As our servers are operating normally and as there’s currently no known issues, I’m afraid our hands are a bit tied.

If you indeed have tried on both cellular & WiFi, your device is for some unknown reason blocking the app’s connection attempts.

You’re not using a VPN or similar?

No, VPN is not connected. Maybe I’ll reinstall app? Can it help?

In theory, it shouldn’t make any difference.
But yes, give it a go :)

Make sure to restart the device between the uninstall and reinstall as that will make sure that all the cache files are removed as well, in case those are somehow causing the block.

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