Error Code 5


So I did some reading on other threads about users who have also encountered error 5. I bought the subscription for the first time and pressed the link button on the app before creating an account on the community forums.

So from my understanding, the app is currently linked to a blank account. My callsign currently is Shamrock 151 if that is needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Device: Apple Iphone 13
Operating system: IOS 16.1.1


Hi and welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you ran into this issue.
@schyllberg can solve it for you by transferring the sub to the right account.
Hopefully he will be available soon. :)


Hate to be a bother but just wondering if this has been resolved and if I should try connect the accounts again? Thanks so much, everyone.


Try now again :)
You had a blank account linked as you said, which I have now deleted.


Got it connected properly now!

You are all a bunch of legends, thank you!

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