Error Code 5

I bought the pro sub again after a month of deactivation. After buying it, I noticed that I got downgraded from Grade 3 to Grade 1. I thought that linking my IFC account would help, but I got this message while doing so:

"The account you are trying to connect is already linked with another Infinite Flight Pro subscription (error code 5)

I’ve never had this issue before, so I guess something else went wrong.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20+
Operating system: Android Version 12

Hi, Parin!

This error message is because you are doing just that, attempting to connect an account already linked to a subscription. However, I’m not sure why you see Grade 1 on your account; I see Grade 3.

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 1.39.00 PM

If you could perform a quick flight on any of the three live servers, that may trigger your account stats to refresh. If that doesn’t work, perhaps you bought a new subscription instead of renewing your old one.

All of this points to you accidentally buying the subscription on a new, blank account.
If you look closer, it doesn’t have the same callsign either right?

Before deactivating, I may have clicked PAUSE subscription, and forgot that I did afterward. Could this be the reason why this happened?

I performed a quick flight, and it still didn’t work.

You likely purchased a new subscription, then.

What appears as the callsign on the G1 account?

American 24 Heavy. Before it was Delta 24.

Hm. If I recall correctly, new accounts are given a callsign that begins with the letter “N.”

Did you change the callsign on the G1 account?

Oops, yes you’re right. It did have a callsign with a N registration. I did change the callsign from that to American 24 Heavy

Found it :)

Restart the app and you should be OK!


It works! Thank you so much.