Error Code 5

It says, The account you are trying to sign into is already in use (error code 5)
How do I fix this? It’s the only thing stopping me from applying and its frustating haha

Because im playing on my main account right now as we speak so I dont see the problem

So it gives it on the website or the app

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sounds like you have ur Infinite flight account on 2 different devices. So that might be the problem

On the application in the ‘Accounts’ Section

can you post a screenshot please?

Yes that would help

sure thing

do u have this same account signed into 2 different devices?

No, I dont only this new phone

Can I check what devices are using that account?

try rebooting the app

I did that it didnt work

sign out and sign back in

alright ill try that in a min need to take care of this depp

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yeah, i signed in the the community acount but i dont have pro for some reason…

something is very wrong

u have one account right?