Error code 5

I’ve recently resubscribe and also when I try to link this account and it says the account you are trying to sign into is already in use

What would I do? Tried to restart and its not working

you buy a subscription with other account?

I tried to link and it still says error 5

Hi do you have your account on another device?

Yes im using my oppo f5 to pay the subscription

Can you share with me your stats table, i think you buy a sub in other account and now you are trying to link your main account.

Which stats, this acc or the grade 1 account?

thats why if you have your account on 2 devices, it gives that error

You buy a sub in other account, so now you cant link your account with the account that have the active sub. You need to contact support so they can transfer the active subscription to your original account

Ok I’ll try

Hmm, i think that you have to unlink the account, revert to default, and then you’ll be able to link the account your subscription that is on to IFC.

And the best way is to contact

Tried to revert, still the same

Best thing to do is to contact support and ask them to transfer the subscription you bought on the other account to the one that’s getting the “Error code 5”.

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Handled via email