Error Code 5 (Twice)

Hello, I am a user who is currently playing Infinite with two iPad Pros.
However, starting this morning, error code 5 appeared on both iPads, telling me to subscribe to Pro.
Note that
IFK-jeong_wook-1 Scheduled for renewal on October 9th this year

IFK-jeong_wook-2 Scheduled to be renewed on September 1st of this year

Even if they say this…

I’ve been having fun with two iPads for a long time… .
I’m upset now and don’t know what to do… .
Isn’t this just my problem now?
Or is it a problem with Infiniti itself??

I hope you solve it quickly

Hi and welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you ran into this issue.
@schyllberg should be able to solve it for you.
Hopefully he will be available soon. :)

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It seems that you’ve unlinked and then relinked your Community account to blank accounts. Any reason you unlinked them to begin with? :)

Anyhow, it should be OK now.
The reason this happened is because you unlinked them for some reason and then lost access.

I have now relinked the accounts and moved the subscriptions around. So it should be OK now.

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Thank you so much account 1
IFK-jeong_wook-1 was completely restored, but
account 2
IFK-jeong_wook-2 has not been restored yet.

My second iPad, second account 2!!!
Please save IFK-jeong_wook-2 ㅠ,.ㅠ

I’m so please… …

No because you unlinked it again for some reason and then linked it to a blank account? Please don’t do that.

Just tap “GET PRO” and then “Sign in with Infinite Flight”.

Thank you so much and I’m so sorry… .
Thanks to your detailed explanation, accounts 1,2 have all been normalized.
In case this problem occurs in Korea, I can provide a perfect solution by sharing the method you taught me today…
Thank you again!!

But I never once touched my account or changed any settings…
I was just trying to start an in-app that I love, but suddenly this problem arose… .
I thought I was hacked… .To Anamias… …lol