Error Code 1

Why cant i get Pro i signed up with my account but says error code 1??

Is your pro expired or you haven’t even payed before


Error code 1 means that the account you’re training to sig in with hasn’t been used with the app before.

To solve this issue, your account will need to be connected to your Infinite Flight Community profile to enable you to sign-in using that specific sign-in method.

Let us know if linking your community profile in-app solves the issue or if you require any further assistance

Take care!

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No i didn’t wanna pay for Pro i wanna get it for free with my account cause it said, Already have an account Sign Up.Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.

That is not how it works. You will not be able to get PRO for free just by having an account.


If you REALLY want to have a month of Pro for free, I highly recommend you to keep an eye on giveaways on Infinite Flight’s social media, mainly YouTube and Instagram.

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